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I’d just like to mention that my experience with Suspension Matters has been excellent and has far exceeded the levels of service that I was expecting, and have previously received, from other big name tuners. Your advice and willingness to help is a massive part of that customer satisfaction and in conjunction with highly competitive pricing and a commitment to fix peoples problems (as opposed to blindly selling bling parts etc.) this puts you head and shoulders above the rest in my own humble opinion.
 I won’t hesitate to make use of your services in the future and will ensure I recommend your work whenever someone is in need of help.

Steve Wyeth, Husaberg FE570 2012

Dave at Suspension matters who is located in Glasshouse Mtns in Queensland is really impressing a lot of professional riders with his work. He owns a ktm 350 and has a test track at his shed. He knows how to set up adventure bikes as well.
Dave is not a motocross rider he is a good old "bush" rider and his set ups are nice and plush with good stability. He is doing great work with the Ktm 690 and 990 which up to now I did not think could be improved.

John Hudson, APC Rally Newsletter. 

Rode the Bike on Saturday arvo and I would have to say I was very impressed with what you have done to the Forks/Shocks.  Great Job.
Front was much more plush over sharp angled tree roots (didn't need to pop the front to help them over) the forks absorbed them nicely keeping the bike flowing forward without deflection with control and still allowed for great steering through any corner.
Rear was working better giving good forward drive through all terrains but still absorbing the couple of big hits that I gave it. The bike was certainly a lot more predictable and flowing.

Steve Treagle

A bit of feedback of the forks you recently did for me on my 2010 KTM 300EXC.

Firstly I am amazed at the difference it has made, and didn't really think the difference would be that great.
It took a fair while to get use to the fork as it offered a lot more traction than it previously had.  It would hold lines better, offered more traction in corners when the bike was leant over and would allow the front to climb out of ruts a lot easier that it would have otherwise stayed in.

Overall I have found it very progressive and predictable and it has allowed me to ride with more weight over the front wheel.  I can ride faster easier.  At first I thought the initial part of the travel was a little firm, but after riding for longer it allowed you to feel what was going on without transmitting a hit.  

Many thanks...
Barrie Jenkins


Just took the Husky out for the first time after you guys worked the front and rear shocks for me.  Awesome.  Feels like a totally different bike, thanks for the great work.  It was well worth the cash.

Jase Young.


Just letting you know the suspension on my bike felt awesome!

The track on Sunday was mostly fast and flowing with a few slippery muddy sections and a few fast rough sections and the bike seemed to be perfect everywhere.  I was actually going through a rocky rutted out section faster on every lap and the bike just held the line and powered through, at one stage I was following a 2010 CRF250R through a pretty rough shitty section and I made up about 30 metres on him while his bike was bouncing all over the place and mine just seemed to power through............felt awesome!

Once again thanks for doing a great job on the suspension, very much appreciated.

Greg Sharp


Hey Dave

Took the bike for a spin and the front forks are great, they're exactly how I want them to be. They're really plush and soak up everything but don’t blow through the stroke like they used to.  I was finding I was better through turns as well, it feels more stable in the corners.  I'll definitely have to get the shock done though, now the front is so good I can tell the shock is holding the bike back.

Curtis Smith


Hi Dave,

Amazed at the difference the fork changes made to the front end on my KTM
690. Mainly 80% road use so far but as a super motard, look out!

It just builds confidence . Very impressed. 

Thanks Again
Russell Bales


Hi David,

Thanks again for your efforts with my Yamaha.  Weekend before last I went riding both days at Beerburrum and was actually the first time I'd been back over tracks I'd done before your suspension upgrade.  I knew it was a big improvement, but until I'd been back over tracks I knew well, it was a little hard to gauge just how much improvement there was.  It was a real eye opener running over the same old bumps and jumps, etc.  Huge improvement, so thank you very much!  I certainly have more confidence in the bike and am going faster.

Last weekend went riding both days round Kenilworth.  The little Yamaha made it up every hill first time, and some of them surprised the hell out of me with how rocky they turned out to be.  Suspension just soaked up the rocks and put the traction down and all seemed pretty easy really.

Anyway just wanted to give you my longer term feedback now I've done some real km’s on the bike - and it’s awesome!

Dave Kelly.


Hi Dave,

Just a quick email to say thank you for the work on the bike, it is sensational to ride, took it for its first real hard ride weekend just gone.  It seems to just glide over everything now.

Peter Pearce


Hi David

The bike performed exceptionally well - I am very pleased with the results.  And the instructions you provided did the trick and were easy to follow.

It will take quite a bit of getting used to and I have to be very careful as it is very easy to get sucked into a false sense of security because the suspension changes allow me to ride much faster and harder than I am accustomed to.

Kelvin Hennessy

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