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Suspension servicing

Suspension is completely dismantled, cleaned, inspected for wear and reassembled using top quality oil.  Shocks are bled using our state-of-the-art vacuum bleeding machine.

Seal replacement

Same as suspension service plus tubes are inspected for damage and wear before being linished in the lathe to evenly remove any minor imperfections.  Seals are replaced with high quality NOK or SKF units. Check out FAQ’s for some fork seal info.

Suspension rebuilding

A suspension rebuild is the same as seal replacement with the addition of new bushes, piston bands, cartridge seals, O-rings, copper washers and bottom out bumpers.

Non-Rebuildable shock rebuild

Contrary to the name, most non-rebuidable shocks can be rebuilt. Through careful disassembly and the fitment of a nitrogen valve, a non-rebuildable shock will be as good as new.  This is much cheaper than replacing the unit and if revalved at the same time, will perform even better than standard.


Rusted, pitted, worn or damaged fork tubes and shock shafts are expensive to replace.  A cheaper option is to have them re-chromed.  A re-chromed fork tube or shock shaft, along with a suspension rebuild will have your suspension like new for a fraction of replacement costs.

Spring fitment

Springs are designed to hold the weight of the bike, rider, riding apparel and any extra equipment or luggage.  The springs determine the static geometry of the chassis and therefore have a huge effect in the handling and stability of the motorcycle.  We’ll select the correct springs for your weight and bike.


After completing our comprehensive job card, we’ll collate all your rider details and select a custom valving arrangement to fix all current complaints and improve the action of your suspension.

Suspension Dynamometer testing

Testing of damper function to ensure clicker operation and appropriate damping levels.

Gold valving

As above, once we’ve collated all your rider details, we’ll select the appropriate type of gold valve and a custom valving arrangement to fix all current complaints and improve the action of your suspension.

Settings update

If you’ve already had your suspension revalved by us, we will update to our latest settings free of charge when you have your suspension serviced.

Bike lowering

Bike lowering involves completely dismantling your suspension and fitting custom machined travel limiting spacers to lower the forks and shock equally to the desired height.  Suspension is then reassembled with fresh oil and gas.  See Tech page for an interesting read on bike lowering options.

Steering damper servicing

Just like your suspension, a steering damper needs regular servicing.  Most dampers use very tight clearances between the paddle and damper body to form a mechanical seal which forces the oil through the valve assembly to create the damping.  If the oil is allowed to get dirty, it can quickly wear the inside of the damper body which will reduce the effectiveness of the mechanical seal and therefore the available damping.

Steering damper seal replacement

Most times a damper leaks, it is because the seal on the main shaft needs replacing.  Seal replacement includes new seals and a full service.

Steering damper revalve

This applies to the Honda HPSD only.  While the OEM damper is a good design, it lacks function, even with the clicker wound all the way in.  Your damper is dismantled, cleaned, a new valve stack is selected based on the type of riding and reassembled with new oil.  The damper will be much more effective and the clicker will be in a more usable position allowing adjustments for different terrains.

Rider to track setup

When time and location permits, we will come to your track or favourite section of trail to fine tune your suspension to help get the best from your clickers.
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